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Welcome Back to the Boy Scouts of America!  We're happy to find you!


 Were you a :

  • Cub Scout,

  • Boy Scout, or

  • Eagle Scout?

Remember those boy scouts days of your youth – the hiking, camping, and swimming with friends? Learning new skills and just having fun! Today’s young men and women need those same scouting experiences to develop into tomorrow’s leaders – in some ways, more than ever – and you can help the Boy Scouts of America reach out to them!

The Boy Scouts of America has just launched this exciting program to reconnect with former Boy Scouts alumni and pull together a strong network of support.  This network will help you get back to your scouting roots.

We know the Boy Scout experience means a great deal to you. The Boy Scout Oath and Law still rings in your ears, and some of your best childhood memories may have been in a Boy Scout uniform. We understand – it’s true for us, too.


That’s why the Boy Scouts of America established this website. It will help you reconnect with your Scouting past, keep you up on Boy Scout’s current events, and give you a glimpse into the Boy Scouts of America’s future.

  • Take a moment and reconnect with Boy Scouts of America.
  • Tell us where you are today, and where you participated in Boy Scouts.   

Go Ahead – you’ll be glad you did! To find the local Boy Scouts council that serves your area – or the name of the Boy Scouts council where you grew scouting – just enter the ZIP code.


Note: In rare instances, a single ZIP code may be on the border of two Boy Scout councils. In these instances, the Boy Scouts council that serves the majority of the ZIP code area is provided.
The following Boy Scouts of America councils provide service to American citizens living abroad:

  • Boy Scouts of America Transatlantic Council:  Providing over 50 years of quality Boy Scouts programs, this site serves as the portal for the European chapters of Boy Scouts of America.
  • Boy Scouts of America Far East Council: The Far East Council of Boy Scouts of America is based in Japan.  Visit their site and see what’s new!
  • Direct Service BSA: The Boy Scouts of America Direct Service is administered by the International Division of the Boy Scouts of America, and provides a Scouting program to children who fall out of the jurisdiction of either the Transatlantic or the Far East Council.


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Boy Scout Merit Badges were an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America experience, earned after learning a wide variety of skills

 Boy Scouts of America provides one fun adventure after another